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Born and raised in San Diego, but with roots deep in the heart of Louisiana, Rob's music brings together a pop/country vibe with a soulful edge that is a refreshing new sound in today's music scene.  His music is a sunset on a SoCal beach mixed with a home cooked meal on mama's front porch. 

With humble beginnings of playing open mic nights and coffeeshop venues, Rob's engaging performances and heartfelt lyrics landed him in the studio and on stage with music giants such as Brian McKnight and Kenny Chesney. Having gathered inspiration from Keith Urban, John Mayer, and Need To Breathe, Rob has a unique style and persona that is captivating while remaining accessible and relatable to his audience. Whether he is performing in an amphitheater or a stripped down acoustic venue, Rob knows how to keep an audience of all ages engaged with song and story.

His debut EP, Drive, is more than the sum of its parts. A truly homegrown effort, Rob wrote, performed, and produced the entire project. It's a gamble that seems to have paid off for an up and coming artist. Included are some hard hitting country/rock tunes like "Drive" and "Spark" which carry an inspirational message of pursuing your dreams and living life to the fullest that Rob anthems out both on and off the stage. Songs like "Wild One", "Heartbreak", and "Waiting On Wonderful" breathe fresh life into the classic themes of love and love lost.  One thing is for sure, every song on the EP tells a story anyone can relate to and slides a slick hook right into the listener's ear and never lets them go.

The mission of "Drive" and Rob's life in general is to make a stand and say to the masses that your story matters and your dreams are worth the risk. "It's the willingness to take the journey, no matter how long the road might seem, that separates the world-changers from those that only daydream about their destiny." -Rob Carona

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"Drive" EP Track Samples


Every project Rob undertakes is partnered with a social cause that brings life and hope to others. As a Heartsongs For Veterans ambassador, Rob Carona supports our nation's servicemen by donating proceeds of his music to veteran causes. With many family members having served in the military, honoring our nation's heroes, raising awareness of their struggles, and providing them the necessary care and resources is extremely important to Rob.



More than just a performer and songwriter, Rob is a dedicated champion in seeing others encouraged and empowered in their true identity, purpose, and potential. Rob founded SONGSMITH CREATIVE to provide a variety of resources to aspiring artists and songwriters to help them navigate the music industry and to unlock their full creative potential. Rob is a firm believer in empowering the next generation of artists. 


  • "Drive" EP: Rob Carona self produced and wrote his upcoming EP that is set to release independently in 2015.

  • The Songwriter: In Rob's debut book, he teaches aspiring songwriters how to consistently craft hit songs and reach their full creative potential. ReleasedFall of 2015.

  • Pepsi Gulf Jam Competition 2015: Rob Carona was a finalist in a national competition to open for Keith Urban. He was one of 10 bands chosen out of over 6,000 submissions.

  • Pirates & Poets Tour 2008: Rob competed and won an opening spot on Kenny Chesney's tour by beating out ten bands in a live competition.

  • Chris Cagle - HOB Tour 2009: Rob opened for Chris Cagle for two House Of Blues shows in San Diego and Los Angeles.

  • Songsmith Creative: Rob has devoted his time and talents to train and empower other aspiring artists through his organization. It is both an online and live workshop resource which offers training on the topics of songwriting and artist development. 


He’s engaging, energetic, and fun! His songs stick in your head for days afterward! He’s definitely one of my favorite performers and I never miss a show!
— Sarah, CA
It’s time for something new and this is it! Move over Blake Shelton cause this right here is country strong!
— Margie, MN
Rob Carona is the real deal. On stage he is a true performer and offstage he is an inspiration and great role model.
— Steve, OR
The songwriting, the voice, the message, the movement; I can’t say enough about how much I love everything Rob Carona puts out into the world.
— Audrey, TX
I love Rob Carona’s music, it is soulful and insightful. His lyrics are smart, fun and thought provoking at the same time. Love to listen to his music with the whole family.
— Julia, CA
Rob’s voice is so good and his songs are catchy and heartfelt. This is a real artist!
— Jacob, NY


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