Orville and Wilbur Wright dreamt up their first airplane in a bicycle shop. Steve jobs built his first computer in a garage. Walt Disney drew his first cartoons while working on a small farm.

There are a lot of reasons why these people were successful but I want to talk about one in particular. What I see when I look at how they impacted the world is that their belief in their dream was bigger than their bank account could ever hope to fund.

Whether you believe in God, or some higher power, or maybe you don't subscribe to that hogwash, I can guarantee that you have FAITH. I know that because every single person has made a plan for their future... It could be something as big as getting a Masters degree or something as simple as mowing their lawn, but the fact remains that you have FAITH that you will wake up tomorrow to accomplish that task. We have to stop kidding ourselves that we are in control of even our next breath.

Faith is a powerful tool in the hand of a dreamer, but an exponentially more powerful in the hand of a doer. You see dreamers have a belief and passion in what they "want" to do, while world changers put their beliefs to action and put their faith to the test.

Except for a select few, the wallets and resources for both the dreamer and the doer do not run as deep as they need them to. Most people look at the cost of their dream and decide to wait until the dollars and the resources are available to go after it.

"Someday when I have the money I will record that album"

"Someday when my schedule frees up I will train for that marathon"

"Someday when I have my own office space I will start a business"

The thing that keeps most people from fulfilling their dreams is the misguided assumption that they are guaranteed a tomorrow. Someday does not exist. Today is the greatest gift you hold in your hands.

If you let the amount of money, time, and resources that you have lead you, then you will always be discouraged. And if you have everything you need to accomplish something, then you should probably start dreaming bigger!

As for me, I do believe in God, and I believe because I've seen Him come through with resources that seemed impossible for me to obtain. But I chose to let my faith lead, whichmeant not sitting and waiting but doing the hard work with the small things I was capable of prior to knowing if I would ever have something bigger.

When I dreamt up the crazy idea Of recording another album and returning to the music industry, I had just lost my job, moved 500 miles from home, and my wife was pregnant with our second child. If anyone had an excuse for lack of time, money, and resources, it was me.

I am happy to report that a year later from that time I am about to release that album in a big way. I certainly did not do it alone, but I did do it.

I challenge you today to put away the excuses of not having enough, and work with what you have. You will appreciate it more and have more ownership in your accomplishments. The process of learning how to accomplish something outside of ideal circumstances is the most valuable life tool you will ever possess. On top of that, people will be more willing to champion your cause because they see you working for it more than you are wishing for it.

Let your FAITH lead and go get your dream today!

If you understand your purpose you can endure the process that leads to your destiny.