The "drive" Ep - Behind the music

I have been writing songs for about eighteen years now. At the beginning it was just two chords and some very cliche, practically plagiarized, material about love and life. I kept at it though, and after a while my songwriting matured and found its own identity. It's very interesting to me to take a dive into the past, reading through old song journals and seeing the various themes and vocabulary I used at different points in my life. 

Ask any singer/songwriter about their songs and you will hear a multitude of reasons as to the motivation and inspiration behind their songs. For me, I always steered away from getting too personal with my material. I wanted to write songs for the masses, ones that every single person could relate to and interject their own story. I took a lot of inspiration from general life themes or situations that I saw others going through. 

This project is different. 

The songs I chose for this EP reflect a very personal life message and speak to experiences in my life that have shaped me as a person. Even the title and lead single "Drive" is something that I feel is a unique concept that I am meant to release to the world. It's not just the finished, packaged CD that I want to show, but the journey of passionately pursuing and accomplishing a life dream no matter what your circumstances or resources look like. It is a milestone for me personally and an example to everyone still breathing that they can accomplish their own dreams. 

I am really excited about the other songs as well. I have taken a big risk in not only writing and performing the songs, but also producing every aspect of the project. It is something that I have never done before and although I believe in myself it is definitely a bit unnerving to see what the response will be to my efforts. I guess we all have to start somewhere. 

Some of the other tunes include "Headed For A Heartbreak", which tackles the theme of couples that have hit autopilot in their relationships and marriages. It is my hope that people will wake up and see the value of their significant other and fight for love and passion again. 

Another song that I am really excited to release is called "Tennessee". It is named after my daughter Tennessee and was written just before she was born from the point of view of what it would be like to see her for the first time. The song is a powerful lullaby that I hope will resonate with parents and especially those who may be considering terminating their pregnancy.

As you can see I am not playing around with this project. I am interested in life, and seeing hopes and dreams restored. I am just doing what I know through songs to see that happen. I hope you will follow and support me in this venture as I get closer to the release of the EP. You can do this by signing up for my mailing list and sharing these blogs with your social media network. There is much more to come and would love to have you along for the ride.